A professional tailor specializes in customizing clothing that will fit your body perfectly, making you look great. At Sadie's Alteration Shop, we are dedicated to finding every customer the perfect fit.

We have the skills and patience to perfect each stitch for all of your clothing. Hemming services requires a careful eye and still hands. You may be able to fix small holes in your shirts, but when it comes to bigger cases, leave it to the professionals. We have the matching threads and other items needed to repair your clothes and replace lost buttons. This way you can properly keep your clothing in tact without ruining it forever.

Our tailors can perform prom alterations, bridal alterations and more. Wedding gowns are expensive, which is why you need experts who can handle high quality gowns. We have a lot of experience handling custom alterations and can take care of all types of clothing. Call today and ask us about our alteration shop. We’re also a specialist on jeans, giving you the best denim alteration service there is. If you are looking for a professional tailoring service, call Sadie's Alteration Shop in Albuquerque, NM today!


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